How to filter my reviews on Partoo?

The Review Management interface enables you to filter your reviews to manage them more easily.

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To access your reviews, go to the "Conversations" tab on the left of the screen, represented by conversation bubbles, then click on "Reviews".

All the available filters are in the review page top banner. You can filter your reviews by:

Date: select a precise period of time to filter your reviews according to the date they were published.

Click on the calendar icon at the top left of the screen and pick the start and end dates.

Keyword: you can look for words included in the review or for the name of the author.

Click on the "Keywords" search bar and type the word you're looking for.

Status: there are 4 different types of review status: active, treated, untreated, deleted.

Click on the drop-down menu "Reviews" on the left of the page and you will be able to choose one or more:

  • Active: all the reviews that are visible on your listing

  • Treated: reviews to which you have already replied

  • Untreated: reviews to which you still have not replied

  • Deleted: reviews that were deleted by the author or by Google

Platform: you can filter according to the platform on which the review was published (Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor).

Click on the drop-down menu "Platforms" and select one or more.

Rating: there are 3 types of rating, you can filter reviews by one or more types.

Click on the drop-down menu "Rating by platform" and select the category you prefer.

  • positive = 4 and 5 stars

  • neutral = 3 stars

  • negative = 1 and 2 stars.

Comment: to filter according to the presence or absence of a comment.

Click on the drop-down menu "Comments" and select the desired value.

You can now reply to all your customer reviews!

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