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How to use Review Management on Partoo interface
How do I respond to my reviews using Review Management?
How do I respond to my reviews using Review Management?

The Partoo Review Management interface: centralize, sort, export and respond to all your reviews

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With Partoo's Review Management you can to manage your Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor reviews centrally.

For more responsiveness, we advise you to reply to your reviews directly from your smartphone using the Partoo mobile application. You can find more information about it here.

How often are reviews fetched ?

Reviews posted on Google Business Profile are retrieved instantly and those posted on Facebook and TripAdvisor are retrieved daily.

If a review is posted when you are on the Review Management page, a blue button will appear at the top of the review list with the notification "X unseen reviews". Click on it to view new reviews.

How do I respond to reviews?

  1. Filter your reviews by date, mark, platform, tag or comment to display the reviews you wish to see

  2. Go to Conversations, represented by the 💬 icon

  3. Type your reply or click on Reply templates to use a template (read this article to learn more about the reply templates)

  4. Click on Post reply

You can also activate the automatic replies to reviews without comment to save time (article).

How do I download my reviews?

To download the comments, just click on the button Download reviews at the top right of your screen. If you have previously filtered the reviews by establishments and/or other criteria, the filter will apply as well to the downloaded comments.

You can even download the extract of your reviews by email from the Partoo interface!

Click here to find out why it is essential to follow and reply to the reviews addressed to you.

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