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What is Presence Management?
Key features of Partoo Presence Management
Key features of Partoo Presence Management

In this article, we give you an overview of the main features and benefits of Partoo's Presence Management!

Written by Joelle Huy
Updated over a week ago

For each of the main features described below, and where possible, we have linked you to an article in this Help Center, specifying in more detail the feature in question 🤩!

If you have any questions about any of the features described below, please feel free to use the chat room on the bottom right! 😇

1. Distribute your data on the different partner platforms

  • Follow the diffusion of your information on the Partoo partner platforms (article)

  • Connecting your Google and Facebook profiles made easy (article)

  • Publish your news on Google and Facebook at the same time (article)

  • Make sure your informations are coherent all over the Internet and get your business up in search results

2. Change your data easily

  • Modify all your information such as your opening times, specific hours or your photos (article)

  • Find in the app advice from experts in local SEO

  • Use your business’ completion score to focus your efforts where needed

  • Import photos already published on Google Business Profile to reuse them (article).

  • Search for your establishments and organise them in groups (articles).

  • Connect your internal databases to Partoo to manage everything automatically (article).

  • Reuse the updated data in our databases for all your external needs (API doc)

  • Add your services (article) or your Menu to your Profile (article)

3. Follow the impact of our solution over time

  • Centralise all print, click, call and route request data (article)

  • Filter by establishment, group and date to better follow the evolutions

  • Download your analytics in Excel format in a few clicks

4. Be accompanied on a daily basis

  • Receive tips on all Google Business Profile and Facebook best practices.

  • Contact our support in real time via chat and let us help all your points of sale's managers with their day-to-day problems.

  • Ask us to report the compromising photos posted on your Google Business Profiles.

  • Allow us to speak free of charge at your internal training courses and national congresses, or join our online training.

5. Get your teams to work together centrally, regionally and locally

  • Simply create an unlimited number of accesses to our platform (article)

  • Manage the specific rights of each user: for a point of sale, a group or the whole network (article)

  • Block for certain users the modification of key data fields, to keep control over the information.

These are the main features and not an exhaustive list of everything you can do from our interface 🤓. So don't hesitate to ask us if a feature you need is not specified in the list above!

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