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How to reply to messages with Partoo?
How to reply to messages with Partoo?

Centralize and reply to messages sent by your customers and prospects directly with Partoo.

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Partoo allows you to reply to Google, Facebook, Instagram messages directly from your account. You can reply to it from the mobile application (see the dedicated article) or from your laptop.

How to reply to your messages on Partoo?

Once you are logged into your Partoo account:

1st STEP:

Click on the messages icon 💬 on the left menu, that will take you to your Partoo messages.

2nd STEP:

The list of conversations will be displayed on the left, each of them associated to:

  • The platform it was sent from (Google, Facebook & Instagram)

  • The user's name

  • The establishment's name

  • The time of the last message

3rd STEP:

  • Click on a conversation and type your response on the response field

  • You can use the reply templates by clicking on the button ⚡️in the text box or by using the / key on your keyboard. A window will appear and you can select the template of your choice using the search bar.

    Depending on your permissions, you can create your own response templates. To learn more, read this article.

4th STEP:

  • Click on Send

5th STEP

  • Click on Close, at the top right, once the conversation is terminated.

Read this article to learn more about how to reply to messages.

If you want to activate the Messages feature on Partoo, feel free to contact us directly via the blue bubble at the right bottom of the page!

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