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Key features of Partoo Review Management
Key features of Partoo Review Management

This article provides an overview of the main features and benefits of the Partoo Review Management solution.

Written by Joelle Huy
Updated over a week ago

Review Management allows you to manage the reviews left by Internet users on your location(s). It is available on the Partoo web application (desktop) as well as on the mobile application.

For each of the main features described below, and where possible, we have added a link to an article in this help center that explains the feature in more detail!

Please contact us using the chat feature at the bottom right of your screen should you have any questions about any of the features described below.

1. Centralise all online reviews for all your points of sale

  • Access all reviews from Google My Business, Facebook or TripAdvisor from a single interface

  • Filter your reviews by establishment, date, rating, platform, keywords, reviews processed, not processed, with or without comments! (article)

  • Keep any reviews deleted by users, such as a negative review to which you would have replied, on the Partoo platform.

  • Choose to receive (or not) weekly/monthly reports of your received notices and their average rating - user-configurable (article)

  • Enable email notifications when you receive a negative review

2. Respond to reviews easily

  • Respond to all reviews without leaving the Partoo interface!

  • Edit your response once it has been posted, should you so wish, if it contains spelling errors or the response is not appropriate, for example

  • Activate the automatic replies to reviews without comment (article).

  • Use the response templates provided by Partoo, available in 18 different languages, and create your own templates that you can then edit on a case-by-case basis, with dynamic placeholders such as the original poster’s name, for example.

  • Choose to receive (or not) weekly/monthly reports of your reviews and their average rating - which you can set up by user (article)

  • Turn on your notifications by email so that you are notified every time you receive a negative review

3. Analyse your reviews in a few clicks

  • Keep track of the number of reviews, the average rating and (average response rate) of your businesses with intuitive filters(article)

  • Analyze your response rate and average response time

  • Tag your reviews and track average scores by tag to identify areas for improvement (article)

  • Study the satisfaction and occurrence statistics on the themes you wish to monitor: reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction (article)

  • Study the satisfaction and occurrence statistics on the themes you wish to monitor: reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

  • Download all your reviews in excel format with many parameters or access them directly via API to reuse them in other applications. (Doc API)

4. Manage your reviews directly from your smartphone

  • Access all your reviews (Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor) from the Partoo mobile application (article)

  • Reply to all your reviews wherever you are, directly from the mobile application (article)

  • Use reply templates

  • Activate notifications to receive an alert on your phone as soon as you receive a new review (article)

5. Daily support

  • Receive advice on all good practices to respond well to reviews (article)

  • Contact our support team in real-time using the chat feature and let us help your business managers resolve day-to-day issues

  • Ask us to report any review posted on your Google listings that do not comply with the Google guidelines

  • Let us participate in your internal training initiatives and national conferences of, or join our training webinars.

6. Get your teams to work together at the central, regional and local levels

  • Simply create an unlimited number of accesses to our platform (article)

  • Manage the specific rights of each user: for a point of sale, a group, or the whole network (article)

  • Create basic templates that can be reused by business managers

These are the just main features, rather than an exhaustive list of everything you can do through our interface. Please don't hesitate to ask us if a feature you need is not listed below.

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